Crying into my Koris


I was thinking to myself ‘Self, you deserve something nice for all of the shit you’ve been through this last year. Why don’t you buy yourself a present with your damn ol’ tax return?’ I’ve been known to window lick throughout the year and never buy myself anything because I’m ‘on a budget’ [read poor]. I also have a special yen for Alexander Wang shoes. Ines is my girl and Zoe always has my back so I figured why not add Kori to the stack. Ugh, on sale and in my size are two utterances you will never hear out of my mouth. Alas, these lookers were both and I had plans damn it. I just checked and they are no longer in stock in my size. Sad face, boo hoo, womp womp. So if any of you A-holes find them please divine for me their direct location. I will reward you handsomely with a kiss or a biscuit. Your choice. I am a size 40.